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How do you feel today?

Wellness has been defined by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies as the physical, emotional, social and spiritual condition that allows people to reach and maintain their potential. When we refer to an organisation’s wellness, we refer to the ability of the organisation to be efficient and productive and to grant to all people involved a proper psychologial, social and physical wellness.

Wellness as a resource

Organisational wellness is not only a goal to achieve and maintain to promote an effective and fulfilling work place, but it is a resource to enhance development and growth. Wellness in an organisation is achieved through the integration of people and their abilities and by capitalising on individuals’ potentials and ideas: these are key resources for each organisation, and most organisations already own all that they need. Organisations are like living organisms that need to take care of both every single component and the relationships between the single parts.

Ten Paths

For these reasons, we have developed ten paths  (Identity, Strategy, Team Building, Creativity, Change, Conflict, Diagnostic, Stress Management, Concept, Human Resources) dedicated to all organisations that want to take care of their own wellness. These paths are based on the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™  method and focus on known problems (Emergency) and also offer a help to prevent and improve organisational wellbeing (Wellness). The Wellness paths include activities focusing on Human resources and their selection and activities that can support specific projects or help the organisation to focus better on the key topics (Concept).

The Key players

Organisational wellness is a multifactorial result and it is composed by a number of key element which need to be considered to achieve and maintain the expected wellness, such as individuals’ motivations, interpersonal relationships, people’s rewards, teams’ and ideas’ considerations, values’ sharing, people’s participation, processes’ optimisation according to both internal and external needs. Facing some of these issues might be seen as a problem, yet, if you think it through, they represent opportunities.

Our target

When we refer to organisation, we refer to any kind of structure (both productive and not) based on the interaction and cooperation among people who share the same values and vision and who pursue the same goals by adopting specific strategies that can produce value and maintain the organisational wellness. Such a definition fits SMEs, corporations, editorial staffs, cooperatives, NGOs, Consortia, design firms, private practices, health care institutions, temporary teams, research teams, Technology hubs, Public bodies, consulting firms…

Self-diagnosis tests

As for human beings, organisation may suffer different symptoms and they might require some diagnostic tests to better understand how healthy the organisation is. The main aim of this site is to encourage and induce people to reflect and think about their own and their organisation’s wellness and to promote prevention as a way to keep up organisational wellness. For this reason, just for fun, we imagined a set of  self diagnosis test that could help you to think about your organisation’s wellness.

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