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Context: the reference framework – the market, the legal framework, user needs… – has changed and this change was either sudden or expected.

Needs: The organisation, which has a sound concept of its identity, needs to identify new directions to achieve its goals.

Activity: By simulating dynamics scenarios and landscapes, the organisation’s ability to react to any external variation is tested and measured.

Strategic Plannig

How can decision be turned into shared goals? And how can knowledge be shared so that contingent situation can be understood effectively?

When challenges are though and complex, the tendency is that of simplifying and reduce problems to the minimal terms, but such an attitude more often than not leads to the loss of details and information which are needed to get to a solution.

When goals are complex, the complexity should be shared and understood by everyone, so that a number of different views and perspectives may converge and lead to an in depth insight and wider understanding of the difficulties to be faced during the strategic and implementation plans.

The loss of details is often the origin of unexpected risks that challenge the achievements and the success of an action. For this reason, visualising the situations and the reality with all the detail and with no simplification, is a key element to face and tackle complexity.

By involving people that takes part to complex strategic planning activities, through the physical construction and sharing of each participants’ vision and insights, the workshop elicits meaning making and allows new solutions and strategies to emerge through discussion and negotiation. The workshop will emulate situations so that participants can engage collectively in the definition, negotiation and creation of new paths and solutions, avoiding that the unexpected led to loss or complications. By capitalising on everyone’s experiences, the workshop guides participants to an in depth analysis of the strategy through a constructive and detailed discussion and consideration of possible risks and potential solutions.


The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ method leads all participants to share knowledge and competencies without the loss of details, so that complex situations and landscapes can be explored, and both internal and external relationship can be better understood and developed.

The construction and the visualisation of complex landscapes facilitates the identification of potential risks and the definition of relationships, values and competencies that would remained covered otherwise, because of the high impact of simplification. Complexity is a richness if properly managed, as it enhances a richer vision and increases the team’s potential.

The Real Time Strategy is an approach especially conceived for managers and executive teams, to improve the organisation’s strategic planning and as a way to develop a shared strategic culture among managers. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ method based workshop helps participants to get a clear understanding of their current situation and to define a path to be undertaken to achieve the goals. The activities include building and sharing participants’ identity, constructing a shared identity or value, the analysis on the factors that mostly affect the organisation and their relationships. All these activities are based on the construction of physical landscapes that enhance the simulation of emergencies and unexpected events, so that the organisation’s responsiveness can be tested  and increase the awareness that risks can be opportunities if properly tackled.

Who should attend

Strategic planning workshops are especially suited for managers and executive teams facing new strategic challenges or in need to define their new innovation-driven strategic plans.


2 days


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