LSP interview [video]

“Information is everything!” An Interview with Jean-Philippe Tremblay

”You get information by everything… You get information from this table, you get information from a newspaper, from a book, you get information from films and all source of things… As long as your eyes and your ears and all your senses are actually affected by something, that gives you information. So information is everything.”
An interview with Jean-Philippe Tremblay, a Canadian, London based film director, whose latest work, Shadows of Liberty [], is an inspiring and rich documentary about the freedom of information and media control.

The Interview was filmed at Biografilm Festival 2013, in Italy. Patrizia Bertini [] uses her LEGO-based interviewing technique to understand what is information. An article with the full-length interview with Jean-Philippe Tremblay will be published on the London Progressive Journal [].

Watch Shadows of Liberty (trailer):

Deconstructing information and Propaganda: an interview with Slavko Martinov

What is information? And how can we deal with Propaganda and the information we are presented by the media? A though provoking interview with Slavko Martinov, the filmmaker who analysed Western culture in his thought-provoking documentary, Propaganda (cfr.

The complete transcriptions of the interview are available online:
– Part 1 ‘Information’ is available at…
– part 2 ‘Propaganda’ (full interview transcript) will be shortly published on the London Progressive Journal (

The interview was recorded at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna (Italy) and it adopts a new approach based on constructionist theories, that employs LEGO bricks as a tool to enhance meaning making and generate new ideas and concepts. Interview and concept by Patrizia Bertini. More on

Interview with Francesca Valan: Color & Architecture

Francesca Valan, industrial designer italiana, è tra i più appassionati  e riconosciuti essperti di colore a livello internazionale. Uno dei problemi chiave, affrontati in questa intervista relativa al rapporto tra colore ed architettura, è che i progettisti spesso considerano il colore come qualcosa che debba essere aggiunto a posteriori in un progetto. Ma il colore è molto di più… | Francesca Valan, an Italian industrial designer, is internationally considered one of the most passionate and experienced colour experts. One of the key problems, when it comes to colour and architecture, it emerges that colour is something that architects add at the end of the design. But colour is much more…

Interview with Ciro Pirondi: Oscar Niemeyer & Heritage

Ciro Pirondi è architetto, direttore della Escola da Cidade a San Paolo del Brasile, membro della Fondazione Oscar Niemeyer. L’intervista è stata realizzata al Salone del Restauro 2013, il 21 marzo 2013. L’intervista è in due parti: il Capitolo 1 è focalizzato sulla figura di Oscar Niemeyer, con cui Ciro ha lavorato e di cui fu a lungo amico. Il Capitolo 2 è incentrato sul concetto di Heritage e sulla relazione tra l’uomo e la natura. | Ciro Pirondi is an architect, director of Escola da Cidade, Sao Paulo, Brazil, member of Oscar Niemeyer Fondacion. Interview realised at Restauro 2013, Ferrara, on 21th March 2013. The interview is divided in two parts: Chapter one focuses on Oscar Niemeyer, with whom Ciro Pirondi worked and had a long friendship with. Chapter two focuses on Heritage and explores the relationship between men and nature.

LSP based interview: Patrizia Bertini explains the method

Intervista con Patrizia Bertini sulle interviste basate sul metodo LSP | Interview with Patrizia Bertini focusing on LSP based interviews [only italian language]

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