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Far too often we forget to change perspective and to look at the reality from a different point of view. And more often than not, the organisational reality we tell about, is not consistent with the reality anymore.

A change of perspective is needed to make a reality check and test if problems and tensions are linked to internal factors and which factors. A creative and guided reflection can help to better understand how much the real existing organisation is consistent with the idea that managers have of the organisation.

Through the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ based innovative approach developed by Patrizia Bertini, reality can be analysed and compared to the ideal organisation. The innovative and creative mechanisms, enacted during the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ based interview, let inconsistencies to emerge and latent problems, which would not become visible otherwise, come to the surface.

The interview is a process based on the change of perspective, it’s guided reflection and analysis that capitalises on creative processes, allows managers to get a different perception and diverse perspective on their organisation.


The interview may be the first step towards a new understanding of an organisation’s needs and to define appropriate strategies to introduce those changes that can merge the real organisation to the idea of it.

The interview can be an initial diagnostic step to be performed only with the key manager or with the managers with main executory functions, in order to make an accurate organisational check up and provide the organisation with a detailed report about the main issues emerged during the interview. The final report can be used to encourage a internal reflection or, if needed, to consider further actions.

A diagnostic interview can be an effective way to support the workshop’s design or to define activities that can improve the organisational wellness, so that actions can be focused and efficient.

Who should attend

CEOs, top-level managers, middle level managers and those who are in charge of wide areas of the organisation.

In a much more traditional way, the interview can be adopted to produce documentaries, videos and presentation materials or communication and editorial initiatives.


Each case should be evaluated.

Learn more

The presentation that Patrizia Bertini gave in April 2013 during the Annual Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ facilitators’ Meeting held in Billund (DK)


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